Unfair Business Practice

Improper Charges or Fees

There are many hidden fees and charges that consumers find in their everyday life. For instance, people discover interest charges or fees for things that they did not agree to. Another example is a fee by a mortgage company which is small and sometimes goes unnoticed. If every person is charged a small fee and they all join together in a class action lawsuit then the cost of the lawsuit can be afforded. But if one person tries to litigate for just a small charge or fee then the lawsuit does not really make sense.

Many cell phone companies such as AT&T have been sued for charging customers improper fees. If you have a problem with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint or U. S. Cellular
Then a class action law firm can evaluate the case.

There are many complaints online about improper or unfair fees charged by internet service providers and cable service providers. Some of the companies are Cox, DirecTV, AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner cable, Century link,Charter, Optimum, frontier, EarthLink, Optimum, NetZero, Windstream, Suddenlink and Cablevision. If you have been charged unfair fees please contact us.

Rate Increases and Insurance

Insurance companies will many times increase an insurance policy premium because of circumstances beyond the policyholder’s control. Your insurance company is probably doing the same thing to other policyholders. A class action lawsuit can hold an insurance company responsible for unfair charges.

Bank Fees

When in individual wants to fight back because of an unfair bank fee charge, that individual can have a hard time getting a refund. But if many people join together to fight against the bank, a class action can be effective for that. If you have experienced improper bank charges or fees please contact us.

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