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When a Warranty is Not Honored
One type of warranty is one that comes with the product. It usually protects the purchaser of a product so if it breaks, the manufacturer or seller will repair or replace it. This can either be an express warranty or an implied warranty. An express warranty is usually in writing and comes with the product or service. An implied warranty is one that the law provides consumers. Both warranties require that a manufacturer or provider of service gives the consumer what they expected from the product or service. Some manufacturers try to avoid extra expenses and so they do not honor warranties. So even if a customer complains about a broken product, many manufacturers will not fix it. That’s where class action lawsuits and lawyers are helpful. They force manufacturers to answer consumers’ complaints about products that don’t live up to a consumers’ expectations.

Most products come with the warranty that is included in the price. But it is also possible to purchase a warranty for an extra price. The extra warranty purchase is not part of the manufacturer’s original warranty. For example, Best Buy offers a warranty program for many electronics they sell. Sometimes it seems like the extra warranty company refuses all claims for the warranty. In some cases this is a way for warranty companies to make money off their customers. While the damage to the customer might be small, it is frustrating to feel ripped off. If many people join together against a warranty company to fight, a law firm can right a wrong.

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