Auto & Car Defects

Auto and Car Defect Class Action Lawsuits
It is very frustrating for consumers who spend a lot of money on a car and it fails to perform as they expect. Class action auto defect lawsuits include problems such as engine and operation issues, tires, brakes, steering issues, advertised performance issues and repair issues. There have been lawsuits involving Honda, Acura, Toyota, and Hyundai, to name a few. These lawsuits have recovered millions for car owners.

Car buyers can join together to bring lawsuits against car manufacturers for violating their legal rights, usually involving warranty legal issue. Car and auto defect cases sometimes involve implied warranty of merchantability and design defect legal issues. Basically those claims rely on the fact that the car does not perform as the consumer or buyer expected. Manufacturers can go out of their way to avoid paying their customers costs. They can engage in tactics such as refusing warranty claims or denying liability.

Sometimes it makes no sense that manufacturers avoid paying for something that is obviously their responsibility. That is why there are class action lawyers and law firms litigating these cases on behalf of consumers who do not have the power to fight against a big auto manufacturer.

Seatbelts and Airbags
These parts of the vehicle are very important for the safety of the passengers and driver. It would seem obvious that a manufacturer should make sure these parts are operating as expected and safely. Yet there are many cars that have defective safety devices. Manufacturers sometimes only take responsibility when they are forced to or there is a threat of a lawsuit.

Design Defects
Cars are expected to be crashworthy. One example of a design defect occurs in a rollover accident. For example, the roof should be able to withstand the crush of the accident. But if the roof does not perform well in the crash it can be a life-threatening problem. The roof should be able to stand rollover without caving in on the driver and passenger.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is involved in vehicle or car manufacturer recalls. Sometimes this is done voluntarily by the manufacturer in conjunction with the NHTSA. But other times it is done involuntarily because the manufacturer does not want take responsibility. The NHTSA also keeps track of consumer complaints about vehicle safety and defects. If your vehicle been issued a safety recall please contact us.

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