Medical Devices

What is a medical device lawsuit?

There are many parts of a medical device lawsuit. First, someone has a medical device put in or used for their body. Second, they have been injured by the medical device. Third, the medical device has some type of defect caused by the business that made it, usually called the manufaturer. Fourth, the medical device can be shown to have caused the injury.

A victim of false advertising or a defective medical device should ask a lawyer what to do. If you have been injured by a medical device, please contact us.

Limits to file a lawsuit

Each state has specific time limits, also called the statute of limitations, for bringing medical device lawsuits. It is necessary for the victim to get details about the statute of limitations in the state where they are bringing their claim. Talking to a lawyer is the best way to do this.

Proceeding with a class action lawsuit

If there are many people who suffer similar injuries from the same medical device, it may be possible to file a class action lawsuit. In some cases, the victim will find that a class action has already been filed and they can join in the lawsuit.

There are advantages to joining an existing class action, such as benefiting from the lawyers for the class who are experienced when it comes to bringing complex cases against large companies.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If the injuries from the medical device are very different from the others in the class action, a victim could consider bringing their own lawsuit. Another reason why a victim may want to proceed with an individual lawsuit instead of becoming part of a class action lawsuit is special circumstances. A lawyer needs to be consulted to understand whether it is possible to join an existing class action or not. These initial consultations usually cost no money. The victim may also get in touch with the class action lawyers directly. If you believe you have an individual personal injury lawsuit, please contact us.

Seeking the right kind of help

The medical and legal issues in cases involving medical devices are generally complex and should usually be handled with an attorney. Therefore, it becomes important to have the services of the right kind of lawyer who specializes in product liability. Contact us with your medical device questions and concerns.

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