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mSpy Data Breach

mSpy Data Breach

The data monitoring company mSpy has suffered a data breach. Hackers have stolen the personal information of an unverified number of mSpy users. If you are an mSpy customer, your information may have been stolen. Please contact us using the form on this page or call The Class Action News at 424-245-5505.

The spyware company mSpy has recently been the target of hackers. Any device that runs an mSpy program has been made vulnerable to data theft. A huge amount of mSpy data has been leaked to the Deep Web, the portion of the World Wide Web that is not seen by standard search engines. Initial reports indicate that the leaked information belongs to more than 400,000 mSpy users, The stolen data includes customer emails, text messages, payment and location data, personal photos, calendar data, corporate emails, call logs, browser history, and private conversations. Basically any information that was on a computer or mobile device with mSpy could have had all of its data stolen. Reports indicate that the data breach is the result of mSpy’s refusal to give in to threats of extortion.

mSpy is a brand of mobile and computer monitoring software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. mSpy monitors and logs user activity on the client device. After data is logged, it is encrypted and transferred to a remote server. The user can view the data remotely by logging in to a web-based user control panel from any Internet-enabled device. This software is marketed primarily at parents and business owners as a way to monitor smartphone, tablet, and computer usage of their children and employees.

mSpy is basically a means to spy on another person’s electronic device. And it can be used without the other person knowing the mSpy software is there. mSpy can potentially be used for illegal activity. It is because of this that the company suffers a negative reputation. Add to that the company’s recent denial of the existence of a data breach, and you can see why people should be concerned.

Data Breach

A data breach occurs when an unauthorized person views, accesses, or retrieves protected or confidential data belonging to another. Data breaches are also called data leaks or data spills. A common type of data breach is when computer hackers steal information. These are the kinds of incidents you might hear of on the news. Typically, a hacker or group of hackers will target an organization for its access to a person’s personal and financial information.

Potential Class Action

Data monitoring company mSpy has been hacked. The information of at least 400,000 users has been stolen, possibly more. This mSpy hack is especially troubling because each customer of mSpy uses the company software to monitor the data on other devices. So each mSpy customer potentially involves the data of multiple computers or mobile devices.

If you are a user of mSpy, the information of your computers and mobile devices may have been stolen. Please contact us using the form on this page or call us at 424-245-5505. You may be part of a class action lawsuit.


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