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Red Bull Energy Drink Class Action

A $13 million settlement was reached in a consumer class action lawsuit that alleged Red Bull North America Inc. misrepresents the abilities and safety aspects of its Red Bull energy drinks.

The Red Bull class action lawsuit challenged the beverage maker’s promises that “Red Bull gives you wings” and that it “vitalizes body and mind” due to its mixture of ingredients that could supposedly improve a consumer’s mental and physiological performance. However, the plaintiffs allege Red Bull is no more effective than caffeine from, for example, a cup of coffee or a caffeine pill.

Truvia Natural Sweetener Class Action

This class action involved a sweetener labeled “all natural” when it was not. Truvia products were not natural because they contained genetically modified ingredients and ingredients that were “highly processed.”

Vitaminwater Class Action

The plaintiffs alleged in Vitaminwaters class action that the Coca-Cola companies mislead consumers into believing they were purchasing a healthy product, when in fact, Vitaminwater allegedly contains almost as much sugar as brand name Coke.

Ghirardelli White Chocolate Class Action

A class action lawsuit against Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has settled. The suit alleged that Ghiradelli misled consumers into believing some of its products contained white chocolate and that it falsely advertised some of its products as “all natural.”

The flax milk settlement resolves a class action lawsuit (Madenlian v. Flax USA) that claims consumers were misled into purchasing Flax USA flax milk products based on the misleading statement: “All Natural Dairy Free Beverage.”


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How To Start a Class Action
Class actions are lawsuits that help many people who are fighting the same problem. It is fought against the same business or company. For example, a class action lawsuit could be filed for everyone who:
  • bought the same defective product,
  • was billed for the same unauthorized charges,
  • was ripped off by the same deceptive advertising, or
  • didn't get paid fairly by their employer.
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Getting Started
Even though class actions often help hundreds or thousands of people, it does not take that many people to get started. Instead, class actions often begin when a single person who has been wronged steps forward to look for a lawyer.
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