Newly Filed Cases

Food and Nutrition Class Actions

A judge has dealt a setback to a Mott’s “No Sugar Added” class action lawsuit by deciding to deny certification based on concerns regarding damage calculations.

The lead plaintiff had sought to certify a Class of consumers who bought Mott’s apple juice when the packaging contained the phrase “no sugar added.” According to the Mott’s class action lawsuit, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that food and beverage makers who include that term must also include information noting that the product is not reduced calorie or necessarily lower in calories.

Home Products Class Actions

A court has certified a Class in a class action lawsuit alleging manufacturers and suppliers of flexible polyurethane foam conspired to fix the prices of the product in violation of antitrust laws. Four of the defendants have already agreed to settle the allegations, and more manufacturers may also agree to class action settlements in the future. If you are a direct purchaser of flexible polyurethane foam, your rights may be affected.

The polyurethane foam class action lawsuit alleges that a number of foam manufacturers and suppliers conspired to fix, raise, stabilize or maintain the prices of flexible polyurethane foam, causing direct purchasers to pay inflated prices for the foam products.

Leggett & Platt has agreed to pay nearly $40 million to settle allegations it conspired to fix the prices of flexible polyurethane foam.

Apple Storage Class Action

Class action litigation is pending against Apple Computers arising from storage capacity problems with Apple devices including the iPhone 4, 5, and 6 and iPods using iOS8.   Apple is accused of misrepresenting to consumers their ability to use storage on their phones after downloading the iOS8 operating system.  The operating system takes up most of the storage capacity on 8Gb and 16Gb devices.

When iOS8 is downloaded, or comes factory installed on new devices including iPhone 6 and AirPads, consumers have only 80 percent usability of storage. Consumers quickly run out of space and Apple prompts consumers to purchase iCloud storage that carries an additional monthly cost.

There is a $100 price increase from the 16 Gb iPhone 6 to 64 GB iPhone 6 so each jump in storage capacity costs $100.  Consumers who experience a 20 percent loss of storage capacity on a $199 phone experience $40 in losses.  The Apple storage class action litigation aims to recover compensation for this loss for affected plaintiffs.

Apple Defective Graphics Processing Unit and Integrated Graphics Card

Class action litigation is pending against Apple Computers arising from defects with Graphics Processing Units and integrated graphics cards. Affected computers include the 2011 line of Macbook pro laptops, priced between $1,100 and $3,000 on average.  Defects in the graphics processing units and cards cause the laptops to malfunction, breaking the computer screen and causing freezes and crashes. Laptops may be rendered unusual. Plaintiffs seek compensation for losses.