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There are many consumer protection laws that are designed to protect people from the companies they do business with and the products that they buy. If you purchase a product or sign up for a service, you have the right to expect that it will work as intended and that you will get what you pay for. You have the right to expect that the product will do what the manufacturer prom-ised, and that warranties will be honored. You also have the right to expect that you will not face any unexpected fees, costs, or surprises associated with the product or service.

Companies, however, sometimes try to take advantage of consumers or don’t follow the rules. A product they sell may turn out not to perform the way it should, or even to be dangerous. Consumers may not get their monies worth or may be charged for things they didn’t expect and did not agree to.

A class action attorney helps those individuals who have been victimized by unsafe products or unfair consumer practices. Investigations into wrongdoing by companies can be launched, and a class action lawsuit can be filed to help those who have been damaged in some way.

There are many investigations already underway into poor business practices and consumer protection violations. Browse the links below to learn more about some of the companies under investigation and the cases that have been filed. If you are interested in joining a class action lawsuit or believe a company has wronged you, contact a class action attorney for help.


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How To Start a Class Action
Class actions are lawsuits that help many people who are fighting the same problem. It is fought against the same business or company. For example, a class action lawsuit could be filed for everyone who:
  • bought the same defective product,
  • was billed for the same unauthorized charges,
  • was ripped off by the same deceptive advertising, or
  • didn't get paid fairly by their employer.
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Getting Started
Even though class actions often help hundreds or thousands of people, it does not take that many people to get started. Instead, class actions often begin when a single person who has been wronged steps forward to look for a lawyer.
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