How To Start a Class Action

Class action lawsuits get started when consumers like you alert an attorney to an injustice affecting a large number of people.

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By giving us a detailed account of your claim, our attorneys will have an opportunity to determine whether you can start a class action lawsuit. Upon reviewing your claim, we may contact you for further information regarding your potential case.

Step 2 – Investigation

If we believe your claim has merit, we will start an investigation to determine whether other consumers have also been affected.

Step 3 – Filing a Lawsuit

If a large number of people have suffered similar harm at the hands of the same individual or company, our attorneys may file a class action lawsuit on your behalf.


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Tired of getting unwanted calls, texts and faxes?

If you have received a call, text, or fax, that you did not request, you may be part of a class action lawsuit. Learn how The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects you from telemarketers. Also contact us at 817-455-6822.

Has Your Personal Information Been Hacked or Stolen?

Many laws require businesses to inform their customers or patients about the hack. If your information was stolen or exposed, you may be part of a class action lawsuit. Read on for more information and assistance. You may also contact us at 817-455-6822.

AdultFriendFinder Data Breach

Adult Friend Finder Data Breach has recently suffered a data breach. If you have ever had a user account with AdultFriendFinder, your personal information may have been stolen. Please contact us using the form on this page or call The Class Action News at 817-455-6822.


FriendFinder Networks, Inc. has reported that its website […]

New Sally Beauty Data Breach

New Sally Beauty Data Breach

Sally Beauty is investigating reports of unusual credit and debit card activity at some of its stores. This news comes barely a year after a previous data breach targeting Sally Beauty. If you used a credit or debit card at a Sally Beauty store then you may have had […]

Tommy Hilfiger TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

Tommy Hilfiger TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

Tommy Hilfiger is currently being sued for alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The company reportedly sent thousands of undesired text messages advertising commercial services to individuals. If you have received unrequested text messages from the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, then you may be part of a […]

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