Defective Medical Devices

Medical devices are supposed to make the lives of patients better. Hip and knee replacements, transvaginal mesh, and pacemakers are just a few examples of many different devices that have been developed to help solve health problems. Whenever a new medical device or product comes onto the market, it is supposed to be tested by the manufacturer in order to ensure that it is safe.

Too many products, however, end up being released when they don’t work as they should or when they have unexpected and dangerous side effects. Sometimes, manufacturers simply do not do enough to make sure their products are safe. In other situations, companies are aware of the defects but release their products anyway.

Special fast-tracked 501(K) clearance rules that allow for speedy FDA approval for devices simi-lar to those already on the market have exacerbated this problem. One dangerous product may be released, and other manufacturers can follow suit and get their own similar (and equally de-fective) devices approved quickly.

When a medical device is defective, hundreds or even thousands of patients can suffer. A class action lawsuit allows these patients to recover compensation for their losses. A class action at-torney can help if you or someone you love has been harmed by a medical device.

Browse the links below to learn about cases that have already been filed due to defective medi-cal products and contact a class action attorney if you believe you have been harmed by any medical products used in your treatment.


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How To Start a Class Action
Class actions are lawsuits that help many people who are fighting the same problem. It is fought against the same business or company. For example, a class action lawsuit could be filed for everyone who:
  • bought the same defective product,
  • was billed for the same unauthorized charges,
  • was ripped off by the same deceptive advertising, or
  • didn't get paid fairly by their employer.
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Getting Started
Even though class actions often help hundreds or thousands of people, it does not take that many people to get started. Instead, class actions often begin when a single person who has been wronged steps forward to look for a lawyer.
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