Tired of getting unwanted calls, texts and faxes?

If you have received a call, text, or fax, that you did not request, you may be part of a class action lawsuit. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is designed to protect people from telemarketing (contacting people to advertise a “service” or a “good”) and “autodialing” (in which phone numbers are automatically dialed by software). The TCPA laws also cover text messages and faxes. If a business is calling, texting or faxing without permission or using auto dial systems, then the business may have to pay damages to the consumer. If you have received a call, text, or fax, that you did not request, please contact us at 817-455-6822.


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How To Start a Class Action
Class actions are lawsuits that help many people who are fighting the same problem. It is fought against the same business or company. For example, a class action lawsuit could be filed for everyone who:
  • bought the same defective product,
  • was billed for the same unauthorized charges,
  • was ripped off by the same deceptive advertising, or
  • didn't get paid fairly by their employer.
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Getting Started
Even though class actions often help hundreds or thousands of people, it does not take that many people to get started. Instead, class actions often begin when a single person who has been wronged steps forward to look for a lawyer.
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