Forever 21 Call In Shift Investigation

Forever 21 Call-In Shift Allegations

If you work, or have worked, for Forever 21, IN CALIFORNIA, and have been scheduled for call-in shifts, or had to wait for phone calls to go in to work, or had your shifts cancelled and didn’t get paid for your waiting time or cancelled shifts, please contact us at 817-455-6822 or fill […]

Home Remodel and Home Construction Class Action

Home Construction Class Action Involving Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundry Areas

Homeowners who do construction, remodeling or additions to their kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms sometimes use materials that they find out later are not standard for construction. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE USED MATERIALS THAT CAN BE PART OF A CLASS ACTION, EVEN IF YOU DON’T SEE […]

AmeriGas Propane Tank Class Action Lawsuit

AmeriGas Propane Tank Class Action Lawsuit

There is a problem reported by customers of AmeriGas and the complaint is about the left over propane gas left in the tank.  There are two main complaints: It seems like the full tank should last longer or there is some left in the tank that customers cannot access. We […]

TCPA Violations By Health Care Companies

TCPA Violations By Health Care Companies

Lawsuits based on violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) have been growing in the last few months. Many lawsuits by consumers and companies in the industry have reportedly been against providers of health care programs or pharmaceutical providers because of unfair debt collections, patient notifications, prescription sales and […]

Dunkin Donuts Charges Illegal Sales Tax For Water and Coffee

A class action lawsuit was filed against Dunkin’ Donuts for illegally charging a “sales tax”  on customers who purchased bottled water and pre-packaged coffee.  Sales tax can be as much as 9.75% in some states so this amounts to a big extra charge.  Sales tax is not supposed to be charged for food items like […]